Direct Debit

What is Direct Debit?

With automatic debit, the payments for your credit line are made automatically each month, before your payment due date, directly from your bank account. This way, you avoid paying interest and save time on manual processes.


If you prefer, you can simply connect your bank account with Clara and make your monthly payments with a single click.


How Does Automatic Debit Work?

  1. After logging into your Clara account, go to the Company section and click on Connect Account. You will be able to connect your account and also automate your payments.
  2. Select your bank and enter your account information. Within the next 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. In the Company section, a message will appear indicating that your automatic payments are active. A few days before the payment due date, the total amount due will be automatically charged to your assigned bank account.


We will confirm when the payment for your credit line is successfully made.

The waiting time for us to domicile your account for the first time is 24 business hours after the account registration. Please consider this information to avoid delays in your payments.

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